Trevor Christie Taylor


Trevor has academic qualifications in Law, Commerce and Psychology

A leader in the strategy by design world.

Trevor is about designing futures.

He is an organisational strategist, leader of specialists and otherwise talented people. He spends his time co-ordinating and inspiring others to achieve beyond their expectations.

His main interest is in the use of systems and design principles in the development of strategy. He has successfully lead major transformation projects in the government and corporate sectors.

He began his career in law but developed an interest in strategic systems whilst working in military intelligence. He co-founded consultancy delivering business intelligence to a range of public companies including Coca-Cola, Nestle and Microsoft. He has led numerous design teams working on critical state and federal government projects including for example the transportation of hazardous material and the development of appropriate responses to biosecurity threats.

He has also been used as a specialist consultant for a range of clients including, the Department of Defence, Fuji Xerox Australia, the University of New South Wales, The Australian Institute of Psychiatry.

Trevor works with 4Points to coach organisations and individuals improve their strategy process and build strategic mind-sets.