Samantha Walter


Registered Psychologist, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Samantha is about maximising wellbeing at work and in life.

Samantha is a highly experienced clinical psychologist with a passion for supporting individual and team wellbeing at work. She has a deep understanding of the mental and emotional demands of contemporary work environments. She has an intimate knowledge of the pragmatics of developing the mindsets and skills that support resilience and sustained high performance.

Samantha shares her knowledge of the neuropsychology of resilience in regular trainings and coaching assignments. She has developed a number of accessible and entertaining programs on workplace wellbeing that she has delivered in corporate, government and non-for-profit sectors. She is known for her combination of a light and breezy style with an unremitting no-nonsense focus on what actually works.

A devotee of emerging evidenced based research, she remains at the forward edge of developments in the psychology of work and wellbeing. Samantha maintains a private psychological practice in tandem with her 4Points organisational consulting and coaching work.