Forrest James


B. App. Sci. (Health Ed.), Grad. Dip. Arts (Sociology), Grad. Cert. M.H. (Psychotherapy), A. Dip. G.T., M. An. Psych, Clinical Member G.A.N.Z., PACFA Reg


Forrest is about participative change.

He is a recognised coach and consultant to executives, senior management and teams with 20 years experience. He has a particular interest in assisting senior leaders to respond to complexity through the development of personal coherence and integrity in their roles.

Forrest is sought out for his rare combination of organisational, leadership and clinical skills. He is highly participative, brings deep insight and practical support for change to the work. Clients regularly describe him as present, relational and clever.

His coaching practice includes C-suite, partner and emerging talent levels. He regularly coaches and consults on issues such as role clarity, resilience, enhancing performance, motivating teams, managing system change, and balancing the people and technical aspects of executive and senior management roles.

Forrest is also an expert in organisational alignment. He is the leader of the Project Health Platform™ currently being deployed across the globe.

Forrest draws on over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the business, public and community sectors. He has coached and consulted to senior managers and teams in over 50 organisations.

Forrest and other 4Points staff regularly contributes pro bono services to the not for profit sector.